OpenStack Cinder with SolidFire (NextGen Scale-Out Storage)




Why I like SolidFire

1) 100% flash

2) Fine-grain Quality of Service (min, max, burst)

3) Adjust resources on the fly, Linear resource scalability

4) Automatic load balancing

5)  Global deduplication and compression. Thin Provisioning.

6) 100% REST-based API driven

7) Extremely low power consumption

8) Performance virtualization (Read/Write from cache)

Openstack Cinder with SolidFire storage 


Role of cinder volume driver

1) A Cinder volume can be used as the boot disk for a Cloud instance; in that scenario, an ephemeral disk is not required.
2) Cinder allows block devices to be exposed and connected to compute instances for expanded stroage, better performance and integration with different storage platform like SolidFire.


3) Cinder volume driver manages the creation, attaching, detaching, snapshoting and monitoring of block devices to servers.


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