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How to migrate data directory of Bamboo and Nexus combination !

Most of the devops engineer face the problem of disk full, no matter how much they have thought about projected data space required at the project planning stage, sooner or later  data migration is the reality. Today will be talk … Continue reading

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Docker CaaS

Mesos and docker based container orchestration using all opensource components and no lock-in. Continue reading

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Kubernetes Truely HA Cluster

Kubernetes Concepts  Skydns is the DNS addon for service ip . Jobs (kind:Job) are complementary to Replication Controllers. A Replication Controller manages pods which are not expected to terminate (e.g. web servers), and a Job manages pods that are expected to … Continue reading

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ZFS – Dedup/Compression is the core

*Introduction 1) RAID-Z1 is similar to RAID 5 (allows one disk to fail), RAID-Z2 is similar to RAID 6 (allows two disks to fail) and RAID-Z3 (allows three disks to fail). The need for RAID-Z3 arose recently because RAID … Continue reading

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Glusterfs – Simplicity is the Key !!

** GlusterFS *GlusterFS is a powerful cluster filesystem written in user space which uses FUSE to hook itself with VFS layer. *Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) lets non-privileged users create their own file systems without editing kernel code. User run file … Continue reading

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OpenStack Swift for Disaster Recovery

-:Overview:- Evolving Swift where a single cluster can be distributed over multiple, geographically dispersed sites, joined via high-latency network connections. Disaster Recovery will be the mechanism for continued operations when you have multiple Swift environments in various locations. In this … Continue reading

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Software Defined Networking (SDN) and OpenStack

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach to networking in which control decoupled from hardware and given to a software application called a controller. 1) SDN is : a) Separation of data and control  planes and a vendor-agnostic interface (e.g. OpenFlow)       … Continue reading

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